Reviewing your service’s first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis qualifications

First aid qualifications, anaphylaxis qualifications and emergency asthma management qualifications vary slightly across education and care service types.

At centre based services, for all times that children are being educated and cared for, there must be at least one educator who:

  • holds current approved first aid qualifications.
  • has undertaken currently approved anaphylaxis management training.
  • has undertaken current approved emergency asthma management training.
  • One educator may hold one or more of the qualifications.

For family day care services, each educator and educator assistant must hold all three of the listed qualifications.

For education and care services with premises on a school site, staff of the school site who hold the qualifications listed may meet the requirements above if they are in attendance at the school site and immediately available in an emergency.

Training for first aid qualifications, emergency asthma and anaphylaxis management must be updated at least every three years from the date of completion. The first aid certificate may specify additional requirements to keep it valid. For example, if your first aid certificate requires the CPR component to be completed every 12 months to keep it current, you will need to comply.

View ACECQA’s approved qualifications list for further information.

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As a child care professional, you will have to keep your first aid certificate updated and renew every 3 years and renew your CPR certificate every year. If it’s time for you to freshen up your first aid, take a look at our first aid training courses:

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