How to find the best online child care courses

Deciding on the course that’s right for your career path can be tricky enough, then there’s the other important decisions like how to choose between the online child care courses available to you. Don’t worry — while not all online courses are created equal, we’ve rounded up some essentials to look for when finding the online child care course for you.

To thrive as a child care professional, getting the right training is vital. With so many online courses, including many free online courses, popping up in your searches, telling them apart can be a challenge. Not only that, but you could also find yourself comparing online child care courses to on campus options. To help you make the best decision, let’s take a look at the benefits you should be looking for from online child care courses.

Dedicated trainer support

While it’s great to have the convenience of an online course, support is vital to success. We believe that all online courses should provide each student with their own dedicated trainer to support them throughout their training journey.

A trainer should be a person who students can call, email, text or meet up with when they have questions or concerns — or even if you just need some words of encouragement or a helping hand. All Selmar students enjoy the benefits of an experienced trainer who know the child care industry inside and out.

Quality online resources

Studying online shouldn’t just be a link to a booklet. For example, at Selmar we have created a brand new online learning portal. Students visit the portal to access materials and submit assessments. You can collaborate with other students through our online forum spaces and get interactive with your training with videos and quizzes. This is next level online training.

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