Flexible study through workplace training

Maintaining a work-life balance can be challenging, and adding study to the equation can be even tougher. Our flexible workplace training aims to ensure your training doesn’t require extra schedules, babysitting or transport.

So what is workplace training?

It is a delivery mode available to students who currently work within the industry that they want to train in. A Selmar trainer will visit the student’s workplace monthly to offer guidance and support and conduct assessments. In this delivery mode, your normal working hours count as your placement hours. There are often employer incentives available for eligible students.

Selmar Early Childhood Education Institute conducts workplace training in more than 500 early childhood education centres across Melbourne.

While working full-time in the centre, Tanya Atkins is obtaining the professional qualifications to advance her career without spending her evenings and weekends in classes at a campus.

Here is what Tanya had to say about Selmar’s flexible workplace training and study options; “What appealed to me most about Selmar was that I didn’t have to go to classes on a Saturday morning or in the evening. My trainer came to me while I’m at work, which is much more convenient than having to go anywhere – they come to me! I liked that she was really easy going, friendly and approachable. If I needed to ask any questions or when I needed assistance, she was always there.”

Providing flexible workplace training customised to the individual needs of its students, experienced trainers from Selmar come to your workplace to suit your busy schedule.

Selmar’s experienced trainers have advanced the qualifications of hundreds of early childcare educators through workplace training across Melbourne, with more centres join our network every month.

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