Four Fresh Activities for Aged Care Facilities


While some aged care residents may be quite happy with their routines, many older individuals look forward to trying something new or doing something fun or interesting. As an aged carer, introducing fun or different activities into the lives of those in your care can be as simple or as complex as you like. Here are just four areas to consider working on:

Get social

The power of community and friendships can never be underestimated. Social interaction is so important for people of all ages, including the elderly. It has even been shown to reduce dementia risk.

Offer options like book clubs, movie nights – even the classic bingo or bridge get-together. It’s fun and brings people together over a shared interest. After all, you’re never too old to make new friends.

Get creative

Creativity is a great outlet for young and old. Allow the seniors you take care of to enjoy it in a variety of ways. Keep it simple with adult colouring books – they are a great way to calm the mind while engaging the brain.

You could introduce painting or drawing sessions for those interested, or even encourage your clients to start writing. It could be based on his or her own life or something entirely fictional.

Get physical

The physical ability of the older Australians in your care is likely to vary dramatically. But for many, there will be a physical activity they can take part in.

Explore options like yoga, tai chi or even just group walking. The physical advantages are great, but so are the social and mental well-being benefits.

Get musical

The benefits of music are undeniable, with research showing that music makes people feel happier, sleep better, express themselves more effectively and feel less stressed and anxious. Not to mention, music encourages people of all ages to move if able.

Aged carers can incorporate music into their facilities simply by turning the radio on or playing a playlist. There are also options for inviting musicians and choirs into facilities or encouraging those in your care to get singing themselves!

Need some more inspiration? Selmar trainers have plenty of experience and ideas to share, just ask!

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