7 Qualities of an Effective Leader


A leader needs to get the best out a team, but this isn’t always a simple task.

We’ve looked to the research to find out what some of the most valuable qualities are when it comes to being an effective leader that brings out the best in their team…


1.Inspiring and motivating

Leaders tend to be passionate about what they do and inspire those around them through encouragement and leading by example.

2.Displays confidence

Confidence shines through in leaders, partly due to experience but also because of their dedication and faith in their team’s ability to succeed.

3.Supportive of the team

Leaders are supportive of their team members not just as co-workers but as people too. They do everything they can to facilitate success for their team.

4.Value integrity

The best leaders know that being honest and fair creates a culture of respect within a team. Integrity is essential for unity within a team.

5.Communicate effectively

Too many misunderstandings and errors come down to poor communication. Teams require cooperation and effective leaders are committed to open two-way communication channels.

6.Be organised

To thrive, teams need leaders who value organisation. With a solid foundation of systems and procedures, everyone can do their job to the best of their ability.

7.Offer praise

We all like to know we’ve done well, and effective leaders will give credit where it’s due. There’s nothing like having your hard work noticed and chances are it will encourage team members to keep up their great work.


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