9 reasons why males make excellent early childhood educators



Childcare is required fairly equally for both boys and girls, so it makes sense that educators can also be male or female, doesn’t it?

As children grow up in a society that is increasingly focused on equality issues, early childhood is definitely an area where a greater presence of male role models is needed.

Statistics from the Productivity Commission state that in 2012, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector collectively employ’s around 140,000 people and only 3 percent of those are male.

With females taking up the greater majority of early childhood educator roles across the field, many children in daycare have no contact with males during the day.

Selmar Early Childhood Education Institute views child care and education as a valued and worthwhile career path and encourages males to consider a future in the sector.

Here are 9 reasons why males make excellent child care educators

  • Enables children to be comfortable with male and female caregivers

Male child care educators can initiate play and learning experiences which acknowledge the similarities and differences between genders.

  • Men care too!

The presence of males within child care roles reinforces that caring is a human response of which both men and women are capable of.

  • Challenge stereotypes

Stereotypes are challenged by promoting an alternative image of masculinity that is neither aggressive nor unemotional

  • Promote fathers’ involvement

Male child care educators can encourage families, especially fathers, to become more involved in their child’s education and support the role of the father as an important contributor to their child’s life.

  • Balanced gender representation

Children can be encouraged to develop their gender identity with an equal balance of gender representation in their child care

  • Equal, respectful relationships

Male child care educators can promote respectful, harmonious relationships

  • Reflects everyday life

There are males in other aspects of childrens’ lives, so it follows that they should also have male role models within their child care too

  • Diversity

Male child care educators can help provide all children with opportunities to relate to a diverse range of adults and children.

  • Positive male role models

Male child care educators can provide positive role models to all children in their care

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