Advance your career in early childhood education

In any career and in life, it’s normal to crave growth, new responsibilities and fresh challenges over time. Early childhood education careers have many avenues to explore career progression and put your skills and experience to work in a new direction.

When it comes to career progression, there isn’t just one way to do it. While most learners begin their early childhood education careers in the same way with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, what comes next depends on personal goals and individual circumstances. Whether you want to update your knowledge and skills, improve your job prospects or reignite your passion for early childhood, upskilling is the best way to make a move in your career.

Career progression in early childhood education

Top reasons to upskill in early childhood education

Wondering if it’s time for you to upskill? Let’s explore some of these reasons why you might want to upskill in early childhood education:

Improve job prospects

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, a well-rounded skillset will help you shine above the competition. Standing out in the employment seeking process is important and upskilling your qualifications is a sure-fire way to do it. Your advanced education is also likely to make you more valuable to your employer and improve your job security.

Update knowledge and skills

Information is constantly evolving and staying up to date with the latest knowledge in the early childhood education sector is vital. From infection control to first aid and everything in between, updating your skills makes you feel confident and capable in the workplace.

Get inspired about your work

Feeling motivated about your job is harder some days than others, but upskilling can help. Whether you feel like you are ready to refresh your knowledge, change it up or take on a new range of responsibilities, upskilling can reignite your passion for early childhood education and motivate you in your career.

Advance your career

Seeking growth is natural, both personally and professionally. Maybe it’s time to upskill and take your early childhood education career to the next level. From entering a management or leadership position in the sector or even pursuing teaching with a Bachelor degree, there are plenty of options to grow within early childhood education.

Career progression opportunities in early childhood

An early childhood education career offers many pathways to upskill and advance your career. What they all have in common is requiring the right qualifications to suit your individual goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the courses you might consider when looking to upskill, and where gaining these qualifications could take your career next.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50121)

Learn the essential skills and knowledge to take up a position as a lead educator. You will feel confident in leading and mentoring others in early childhood education workplaces and be ready to take on more responsibilities in the sector.

Potential career outcomes:

  • Room Leader/Lead Educator
  • Centre director
  • Playgroup supervisor

Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management (CHC62015)

Work towards a senior leadership role by gaining the skills to lead, maximise team performance, manage accounts, ethics and diversity in the workplace. This qualification is designed for those who are already in middle management or management positions in community sector organisations and wish to progress further.

Potential career outcomes:

  • Manager
  • Area manager
  • Program manager
  • Community development manager

Making a career move to teaching

For those keen to explore a university pathway as part of their early childhood education career progression, Selmar learners can fast-track a Bachelor of Education in either Early Childhood Teaching or Early Childhood and Primary Teaching at Swinburne Online or Swinburne campus (Hawthorn).

Once you have graduated from the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50121), you can gain credit recognition to enter a Bachelor of Education in either Early Childhood Teaching or Early Childhood and Primary Teaching. Both qualifications are fully accredited by Swinburne University of Technology and the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), with the dual qualification additionally accredited by the Victorian Institute of Teaching(VIT) and the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

This university pathway enables learners to enhance their career prospects, access a greater number of employment opportunities and gain a higher salary.

You can learn more about our university pathway to Swinburne Online here.

Enhance your skills in other areas

There are additional qualifications you can do to improve your employability, increase your offering as an employee and stand out in the job market.

In early childhood education, first aid and infection control are crucial to uphold the highest quality standards within a childcare setting and protect children as well as educators and families.

  • Upskill in first aid to ensure you are up to date and have the skills to minimise the severity of injury and even save lives.

We believe in a culture of continuous learning in early childhood education that benefits educators, employers and most importantly children. Whichever direction you want to advance your early childhood education career progression to go in, we are here to support you in achieving your goals.

Chat with our team about where you see your career heading and we’ll help you create the right pathway to get there.


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