Four steps to get professional development for child care centre

You want your child care centre to flourish, grow and be the best it can be. To do that you need the best professional development for child care centre you are working for.

Your business outcomes are dependent on having a highly trained workforce. That’s why when you’re researching training options, you should adopt an approach similar to how you would make any other investment in your business.

Let’s break the process of getting the best training for your business down into four simple steps.

1. Review your current and future needs

Review your current business situation as well as your plans and forecasts for the next year and beyond. Does your team have gaps in skills and training that need to be specifically addressed?

Make notes of the following:

  • Who needs to be trained?
  • What training do they need?
  • Where and when is best for the training to take place?
  • What literacy support or special assistance does your team need?

Take a look at your business plan to ensure you’re on track and even take the time to make a list of who has what qualifications and experience currently.

2. Procure a trainer (after you have shopped around)

Don’t just pick the first trainer you come across on Google. Take the time to source options that can deliver what you need and keep your budget in mind too. It’s best to look for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that specialises in your industry or area of business.

Don’t be afraid to request a quote based on what you want from the training, and find out if they can tailor training to meet your specific business needs. Compare quotes and speak to the RTOs to find out who feels like the best fit.

3. Get training underway

As soon as training has begun you should start assessing the result and the response from your staff. Are objectives being met?

Stay in contact with the RTO regularly to keep track of where your training is at — the RTO should be keeping you in the loop and meeting all expectations that you discussed prior to commencement.

4. Evaluate your training

The investment you make into training should pay off with highly skilled and knowledgeable staff members who are motivated to do their best. Check with your team to find out if new skills are being put to use and what they felt did and didn’t work in the training.

It’s important to ask yourself whether the training has met your business objectives and to use the information from your staff and what you see to evaluate the success of the training.

Remember, training is an investment in your business and its most vital assets — its people. Great success can be achieved by making the right decisions when it comes to training your team.

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