Child care industry: Meaningful employment in a growth sector

Studying for a career in a meaningful industry where you can really make a difference is a goal for many, but you want to be sure there will be jobs available to you as well. Luckily, child care industry growth continues on an upward trajectory!

The rise in demand for child care workers, educators and services can largely be attributed to the increase in mums heading back to the workforce. The child care centres have seen a growing number of enrolments, with government funding paired with a higher cost of living, returning to work is an attractive option for many families with young children.

Over 184,000 jobs expected

Job Outlook projects around 184,000 job openings during the next five years. That’s over 36,000 each year! Child care job opening are expected across most regions Australia-wide. This is supported by IBIS World figures showing the annual child care industry growth from 2014-19 as 6.2%.

In addition to more families seeking child care services, families are also using more child care than previously. Average weekly hours of child care used increased to 25.7 hours from the June 2018 quarter compared to the September 2018 quarter. That’s an 8.8 per cent rise and certainly represents the need for more early childhood educators in services to meet the child care industry’s staff to child ratio requirements.

Government supports quality early childhood education

With the government’s Child Care Subsidy helping more parents return to work, and a new-found focus on the importance of quality early childhood education, the child care industry growth shows no signs of stopping. This makes child care an exceptional choice for anyone who wants to guide and support the next generation through their most crucial time of development.

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