Group first aid training with Melton South Community Centre

When it comes to supporting the local community and giving people the opportunity to access a range of resources to achieve their goals, Melton South Community Centre gets it right. A hub for those looking for support groups or keen to take on short courses in a community group setting, Melton South Community Centre works with Selmar to provide accredited courses covering first aid training, CPR training and food handling.

The long-standing partnership between Selmar and Melton South Community Centre means they can deliver a valuable service to those in the local area with confidence. According to the community centre’s Program Coordinator, Danielle Clark, quality training, organisation and support when it’s needed have been at the heart of this effective relationship.

“We have been working with Selmar for the past six years providing accredited first aid and food handlers courses for the community. We have been and continue to be, very happy with their professionalism, the quality of their courses and their organisational systems.”

Selmar’s group first aid training is delivered at the community centre by our experienced, qualified trainers. The practical workshops present real-life first aid scenarios in a safe, secure and fun way that builds attendees’ skills and confidence for when it comes to handling emergency situations.

It’s safe to say that the courses are being well-received by the community, with 2019 booking up already. And while many of those who enrol are fulfilling a job requirement, Danielle says they are also clearly engaged by the subject matter and the way the courses are structured by Selmar.

“Everyone who enrols into Selmar’s courses with us is consistently engaged. Jacinta does a great job getting everyone hands-on.”

Danielle has recently experienced Selmar’s transition from offline learning to online accessibility and sees the difference it is making.

“Being able to let people complete the theory side of a course online is convenient and saves time”, she said.

Selmar courses offered at Melton South Community Centre

Currently, there are four short Selmar courses on offer at Melton South Community Centre that cover first aid training, CPR training, food handling and food safety. These are often taken to meet job requirements and have the necessary skills when it comes to providing first aid, CPR or preparing food.

HLTAID001 PROVIDE cardiopulmonary resucitation

The skills and knowledge to perform CPR in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

Vital knowledge and skills needed for saving lives and minimising the severity of injury. Engaging online learning followed by a hands-on practical workshop. Nationally accredited.

HLTAID004 PROVIDE FIRST AID in education and care

The ability to provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting.

HLTFSe001 Food safety

Knowledge and skills needed to safely prepare, serve and store food. Nationally accredited. Group bookings available.

Danielle says the team at Melton South Community Centre looks forward to continue working with Selmar to deliver high quality courses to the community.

“Working with Selmar and our Account Manager Peta Lugg makes it a pleasure.”

To learn more about how your organisation can undertake or deliver group training with Selmar’s short courses, contact us here.

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