6 things to look for when choosing a training provider


Deciding a career path can be a difficult yet exciting decision. Once you do work that part out and find out what what’s required to get job ready, choosing a reputable registered training provider (RTO) can be overwhelming!

While qualifications may have the same name at various RTOs, the quality of the training is not. Not all training providers are alike. Don’t waste time on training that leaves you with limited job opportunities and lacking confidence – find the best training for your chosen course and learn the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your career!

To help you find a high quality training provider to gain your qualifications (and get your career on track), we’ve come up with six vital factors to look out for.

1.Is the training provider registered?

It may sound simple, but it’s always best to check. A nationally recognised training organisation will have a registration number. This signifies that the training provider is accredited and audited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

2.Does the training provider have a good reputation?

Definitely ask around and chat to others who have undertaken similar training to find out who the reputable training providers are and who to avoid. Take it one step further and check whether the RTO has a 2017 Skills First Contract. This means that they are among the highest quality training providers in Victoria.

Skills First is a system that ensures students are guaranteed to get real training that leads to real jobs. To qualify for our 2017 Skills First contract, Selmar went through a rigorous selection process, demonstrating the high quality training we deliver to our students.

3.Does the course have flexible study options?

You want to commit to a course knowing that you have the support you need to complete it and reach your full potential.

Check with the RTO about what study modes are available for your chosen course and opt for the one that best suits your lifestyle, location and preferences. For example, many Selmar courses offer training on campus, distance education and workplace training to better cater to our students needs.

4.What outcome does the training provider emphasise?

There are often many RTOs to choose for any given course – but not all qualifications are created equal.

At the end of your course, you want more than just a piece of paper. You want practical skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence. You want to be job ready. At Selmar we offer guaranteed work placement and a strong focus on hands-on training. That’s why our graduates are in high demand from employers!

5.What are the trainers like?

To get the best training, you need the best trainers. Look for an RTO with trainers who have industry experience and plenty to share from on-the-job. Expert trainers can also be mentors, ready to guide you as well as prepare you to be the next industry leader.

6.What support will you have along the way?

Support is essential for success. Whether it’s a friendly ear, helpful advice when you need it most or even just a hand with printing, support and guidance can change the way you feel about your training. As we like to call it at Selmar, delivering care beyond compliance.


Do your research, ask the right questions and choose wisely when it comes to enrolling with an RTO.

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