Mary Fennessy, Selmar’s student support Guru

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Humans of Selmar:
Mary Fennessy, Student Support Coordinator

Mary Fennesy

Mary Fennessy, Student Support Coordinator


Getting qualified isn’t a journey you need to take alone, and with committed support from people like Mary Fennessy, why would you?

Let’s face it, the thought of studying can be daunting. Add in work and family commitments, you can quickly feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be like that, study should be rewarding and empowering. Right?

Selmar’s Student Support Coordinator, Mary Fennessy, really understands what it’s like to be hesitant about studying. She herself left school at a young age and was told she would never be able to find academic success. But Mary’s love for learning and her staying power proved them wrong – she went on to gain multiple degrees including her Masters and is now in the process of applying to do her PHD!


“I was that student, always fearful. I had this voice telling me I wasn’t smart enough. But it’s just sticking to it, keeping your bum on the seat and asking for support. And you’ll get there.”


In fact, even the best learners need a little help along the way. With a background in early childhood education and training as well as specialising in Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN), Mary has supported hundreds of students. From study tips, mentoring to resume workshops, right through to international student support where English is a second, third or even fourth language. Mary is also equipped to help students with learning challenges such as dyslexia or students who simply lack the confidence in their ability to read and write.

As much as Mary loves providing face-to-face support, she also tailors her learning plans to her student’s unique life situations. She is dedicated to finding the way which works best for her student’s individual needs and allows them the flexibility to access her great training tools.


“Many students can’t come in. Some are already working, live too far away or have children at home. But there’s always ways around it and I always try and find a way that works for them.”


Whatever challenges her student’s face, Mary is here for them. The support she offers comes from a genuine passion and care for her students and truly wanting to see them succeed in reaching their educational goals.

“A lot of it is just being patient and encouraging students. Sometimes people just lack confidence in themselves ­­­­­­­­- they think they can’t do it and it’s lovely when they realise they actually can.”

Mary’s love of different cultures and learning languages has made travel one of Mary’s top passions. With much of her life spent living in different countries around the world from Ireland to Indonesia, she has a unique understanding and respect for how difficult it is to learn a new language.

“Indonesia was a great experience. It taught me just how hard it is to learn a language. I was not a natural with learning a language, it was hard work.”

The understanding and skills she acquired while going through the process of learning a new language herself has made Mary an invaluable resource for Selmar’s students who are trying to get qualified while still working on their English language skills. And while her students are always grateful of her support, Mary really admires them too!


“I have utmost respect for my students because a lot of them have their native language from the region they’re from, then they have their national language and then they have English.”


So remember, if you have the passion we can help you get there. Our experienced, passionate and friendly team, just like Mary, are ready to provide support and guidance to help you succeed, no matter what your study challenges may be.


Watch the video to hear from Mary yourself!

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