Follow up email samples for child care jobs

Now that you know what to expect at a child care job interview, its time for your next move. Many people accept that after your child care job interview, it is really just a waiting game. But it doesn’t have to be. You can take steps to impress your prospective employer even after the interview is over.

Part of the process of applying for jobs is standing out from the other applicants. A professional, thought-out resume can get you a child care job interview, and then you need to really shine. Good interview preparation will help, but how can you stand out after that? Don’t underestimate the power of a follow-up email.

A follow-up email is particularly useful after attending an interview, but you can also use a follow-up email after sending a resume or application, after a phone call to make an interview time — any step in your job searching process.

To make sending your follow up email really simple, we’ve prepared a few samples for you to base yours on.


First thing first: Subject headings
Part 1

Our subject lines are what gets our emails opened. So, having an eye-catching subject line is very important

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3 follow up email templates
Part 2


Follow up email scenario 1

You’ve just submitted your resume and cover letter/application for a child care job you really want.

Subject: Excited to hear from you re [child care job title]

Hi [Name],

Donna Freeman here — I submitted my application to [Company name] applying for the position of [job title]. Just wanted to make sure my application was received and to introduce myself.

I’ve been reading on [your website/social media] about the great work [company name] has been doing, so I’m really excited about meeting with your team and exploring a potential career within the company.

My experience and values are really aligned with what you do, and I look forward to discussing that further. Just in case, I’ve attached my resume here for your reference. I appreciate your time today and hope to hear from you soon.


[Email signature]

Follow up email scenario 2

The company contacted you for a short phone interview and made an interview time for next week. A confirmation follows up from you shows you are keen and will definitely be there.

Subject: Great to speak with you today

Hi [Name],

Thanks for your time today. I really appreciated being able to gain some insight into the role of [job title of the position you’re applying for]. It really does sound like a great fit for me!

Look forward to my interview at [company address] on [day and time of interview]. Let me know if you would like me to provide anything else in the meantime.

See you then!


[Email signature]


Follow up email scenario 3

You had your child care job interview, now it’s time to wait to hear right? Nope — time to send a follow-up.

Subject: Thanks [name]!

Hi [First name],

Thanks for having me at [Company name] yesterday. It was great to meet with you and get a feel for the company. Learning about your approaches in the child care industry really confirmed for me why I’m so enthusiastic about the role of [job title].

If you need anything further from me moving forward, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Hope to hear from you soon.


[Email signature]

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