Why you don’t need to let learning difficulties hold you back

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While learning and studying can come easily for some people, there are many others who dread the idea of starting a course.

Many students are keen to get qualified but have experienced learning difficulties which make it hard to imagine the thought of studying again. Getting qualified isn’t a journey you need to take alone! We offer support to help make it easier for these students to get the qualifications they really want.

To ensure all students have the best opportunity to complete their course and even enjoy their training journey, language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) support is an essential part of the journey to becoming qualified. The good news? Selmar will be there for students who need that little extra support. That means extra help with the areas you face difficulties in, whether it’s with writing, reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics or using English when it’s not your first language.

And sometimes it’s that little extra support that really makes that big difference. Mary Fennessy, our LLN Support Coordinator, has experience working with students with a range of learning difficulties. Mary says that often students who are hesitant about studying just need someone to have confidence in them and give them a little nudge in the right direction.


“A lot of it is just being patient and encouraging students. Sometimes people just lack confidence in themselves ­­­­­­­­- they think they can’t do it and it’s lovely when they realise they actually can.” Says Mary.


At Selmar, we have our students best interests in mind and will work with their specific needs to come up with a training plan which addresses those needs. We help students who want to tackle studying with learning difficulties by being there as a support person, as well as offering study resources, tools and tips. So don’t let your past training troubles get in the way of the career you want. With dedicated LLN assistance, you will have the support you need to succeed at your course.

We also understand life can be busy.  Whether you are working, live too far away or have children at home, Selmar is dedicated to finding a way to provide you with the support you need. This means you don’t need to take a trip in person, we are happy to provide students with support via email, phone or Skype.

So, if you’ve been thinking about starting a course but thought your learning difficulties or any language, literacy and numeracy issues would get in the way, reconsider and speak to the Selmar team. We believe every student should have the best opportunity to succeed and achieve their career goals!


Mary Fennessy

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